28 August 2008

for all the people who think this girl is me.

this girl is not me.

this is a young girl from afghanistan.

this is me with a young girl from afghanistan.

not the same person.

27 August 2008


24 August 2008

dubai, u.a.e

47°C in the sand dunes

23 August 2008

addis ababa, ethiopia

Holy God, holy Mighty, Holy Living,
Immortal, who was baptized in Jordan
and crucified on the tree of the cross,
have mercy upon us, Lord.
Holy God, holy Mighty, holy Living,
Immortal, who didst rise from the dead
on the third day,
ascend into heaven in glory, sit at the
right hand of thy Father and again wilt
come in glory to judge the quick and
the dead, have mercy upon us, Lord.
Glory be to the Father, glory be to the
Son, glory be to the Holy Spirit, both
now and ever and world without end.
Amen and Amen, so be it, so be it.

O holy Trinity, living God have
mercy upon us.

11 August 2008

washington, d.c.
(from the weekend)

10 August 2008

09 August 2008

washington, d.c.
contortionist cousins