23 February 2009

(2 february 2009, jakarta)

the yearly high floods have come into the homes, the poor neighborhoods, bringing disease and hunger.
bagus is almost eight years old. for four days, he has in the floor of his family's home--hallucinating with high fever and chills. he hasnt eaten or drank anything since friday. christians here have offered to take him to the hospital, to pay the bills for his family. but his mother has refused. "we do not deserve that kind of care. we are poor, worthless. only rich people deserve that care. "finally, today, his mother was convinced to take him to the hospital. please pray for wisdom for the doctors. please pray for a full recovery.

(4 february 2009, jakarta)

the doctors found that bagus was suffering from dengue fever, which can be fatal if not treated. he is still in hospital, and doing much better.

praise god for his mercy.

13 February 2009

street boys
nairobi, kenya

the number of boys living on the streets has almost tripled in recent months due to drought and famine in kenya. edward (first photo, right) was hit by a car on saturday. his mouth was crudely stitched, and this morning he was lying on the concrete ground, crying in pain.

some ibuprofen, bread and milk isnt enough.

01 February 2009

possibly the most disturbing thing i've seen.