18 October 2008

a slice of life, from nairobi:

this afternoon, i took a walk down the street to get some grilled maize. on the way home, i noticed two girls following me. i greeted them, and one hurried to catch up. she looked at my maize, and declared, "you have maize!" i agreed. and we walked on. a few minutes later, she asked me if she could have it. i told her no, but offered to share some. so i walked on with two very surprised girls, and ate maize, each of us picking out kernels with our fingernails, giggling. when i made my turn toward home, the girls waited at the corner, shouting goodbye. as i neared my flat, i heard "holy, holy, holy." i stopped in the street for a few minutes to listen. when it was over, i walked toward the source of the hymn, and was surprised to find a small anglican church on my street. i walked in, met the pastor, thomas, and we talked for awhile. the small church was built in 1927. he invited me to tomorrow's service.

17 October 2008

nairobi, kenya

{korogosho christian center}

virginia makes a special treat for the children, bread with butter, and jam

recess at korogosho

teacher miss nazarene at korogosho

children in class at korogosho

students learn a trade at korogosho

{children in nairobi}

{baptist children's home}


{street kids}

to be honest, i did not go to photograph the street kids today. i went to get to know them. but i feel i need to share this one photo, and story. this is jon. he is 15. his mother died in an accident in 2003, and his father died of sickness in 2006.
jon had been living with his uncle until january, when the post-election violence spread to his village. both jon and his uncle fled, and were separated. jon never found his uncle, or any other family. he has been living on the streets of downtown nairobi for 10 months now.

please pray for jon. pray that our father would have mercy on him, protect him from the many dangers of the streets, pray that he would have enough to eat tonight, and somewhere warm and safe to sleep. pray please that god might provide him with a home, and a family.

post scriptum: photographers, feel free to critique. my photography, of late, is no, no good.

05 October 2008

nairobi, kenya

first road trip: rift valley

04 October 2008

nairobi, kenya

monica and mary sell their fresh produce at the hawker's market